About me

About me


Hello mobile hackers and welcome on my blog. This blog space is meant for those, who are interested in cyber security, specifically mobile cyber security. If you expect standard education posts, I will disappoint you. The reason is, that through the last decade in cyber security environment, I find out that the fastest way to learn and even stay protected is either through incidents that you must take care of, or to be two steps ahead and think like a hacker before bad things happens. To be honest, I don’t like incidents.

This is an offensive mobile security playground. You can call it red team or even purple for some cases. However, the goal is the same; think mobile hacker, act mobile security.

By the idea of mobile hacker, I don’t mean only people with a smartphone, but rather anything portable enough that you can carry on in your pocket, backpack and even remotely control from your smartphone. Yeah, I know, laptops are getting smaller and smaller and perfectly fit in backpacks, but this is not about them.

Do you want to be a part of mobile hacker squad? If so, put your red team offensive hat on, dive in, learn, practice and use your skill to come up with ideas how to protect from hackers, create useful tools and maybe even find a new hobby or start a career.

Everything published is tested by me. I put lot of time, effort and my personal resources into this project, and I am sharing it with all of you for free. If you appreciate the content, feel free to support me. This will help me to stay focused, inspired and motivated to continue to come up with more mobile hacking series and buying necessary hardware.

Please take in consideration, all the information published on the website and on my social media is for educational purposes only. Everything was demonstrated in laboratory environment or with explicit permission of owner.

Understanding mobile security requires a mobile hacker’s mindset. Do you want to change yours?

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. AJY

    I need to unlock my friends mobile
    He passed away last week please 😭😭😭
    Help me
    Please 🙏🙏

    1. Dabek

      I am glad that I find this blog today I get my first kit nexux + net hunter + external wifi card. I have hope that’s your blog starts my journey !

  2. Sweet blog chief thanks much! I’m on the path…and the path is amazing…osint is so powerful when you understand it..

  3. Kwadwo Offei

    Hello can you mentor me to be good as you?

  4. Scut

    Finally!!! Good luck with project…been needed

  5. Jerome

    Is there any course for mobile hacking and bug hunting?
    Where I can learn online classes for free ones and paid ones but I prefer free ones because I don’t have money for now.

  6. Honestly, I like your ideas. I want more from you. I want to learn more and more

  7. Zay

    I found you on instagram and I am getting into cyber security. Seeing your videos is super cool makes me want to start and tackle projects.

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